Our Sablefish, also known as Black Cod, are caught from the pristine waters of Alaska's breathtaking glacially-fed Prince William Sound. We take great care in our harvest practices and thus our portions are some of the best quality sablefish you will find on the market. These fish were plucked from the depths by Captain Ken and his crew using long-lined pots. This sustainable fishing practice not only reduces bycatch but also reduces the environmental impact on resources due to increasing orca depredation. Our fishing practices also provide the unique opportunity to bring the fish back to the dock live for pre-rigor processing.

Sablefish have a high-fat content that lends to their delicate, silky texture and buttery flavor. These fish are a favorite on the Japanese market. All of our portions are sushi quality by being held at time/temps approved for eating raw.

*Due to hand cutting, our 6oz portions are +/- with some natural variation. 

PWS Sablefish

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