Welcome to our family. 

Serenity Seafoods is a family-run venture headed up by Ken and Shannon Jones. With two little ones, Evan and Hunter, in tow, our family's goal is to bring you the best of our catch, direct to your door. 

We fish in some of Alaska's most pristine, glacially-fed waters and are dedicated to the highest quality practices in the industry. Captain Ken Jones is a third-generation Alaskan resident and commercial fisherman. With 14 years of experience operating vessels in Prince William Sound, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Copper River, Ken participates in multiple seasonal fisheries, bringing you some of the most diverse Alaskan seafood selections available.

Every product we sell is harvested on one of our family-owned vessels, the F/V Serenity, F/V Sentinel, or the F/V Second Wind. Controlling the supply chain of our products allows us the unique ability to ensure that our quality is second to none. We harvest the fish using industry-leading quality techniques and transport it quickly back to our custom processor here in Cordova, AK. Once there, experienced and highly skilled fish processing industry professionals hand-cut every fish, and package and label each product with our custom label to ensure the fish we caught is the fish we ship to our customers. We then pick up the finished product, transport it to our cold storage, and ship it directly to your door. We use insulated boxes and ship directly through the airlines to ensure your frozen products stay frozen the entire transit.

Whether we are fishing for salmon, sablefish, pacific cod, herring, or halibut, our commitment to quality and sustainability comes first and foremost. Enjoy the peace of mind coming with knowing your fisherman and your supply chain. Every piece of fish we ship out goes through our high quality standards.

From our family to yours, dinner is served.

- Ken,  Shannon, Evan, and Hunter Jones