Our wild-caught Prince William Sound Pacific Cod, also known as true cod, is a versatile fish that holds wide appeal across the world. Superior to Atlantic cod, PWS Pacific Cod bright white meat, mild flavor, and flaky texture. This fish is lean, healthy, and is a great source of protein. Our Pacific Cod comes as either 8oz portions or 16oz bags of chop.  

Portions come as 5 or 10 pound bundles of 8oz portions*, each individually parchment wrapped, vacuum-sealed, and flash-frozen for quality. Portions are great for grilling, pan-searing, baking, or frying.  

Chop comes in 16 oz bags and is great for fish tacos, soup, and pasta dishes.

*Due to hand cutting, our 8oz portions are +/- with some natural variation. 

Pacific Cod

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